The Hattitude Hand Woven Elegance
  • The Hattitude Hand Woven Elegance
  • The Hattitude Hand Woven Elegance

    Artisan Luxury in Panama Hats & Heritage Accessories

    Own Artisan Production

    UNESCO traditional weaving

    There are many "Panama" hats in the world. Only Montecristi and Cuenca hand-woven hats ( Ecuador ) are a UNESCO World Heritage weaving tradition that has endured centuries. I took the time find and select the best weavers in Montecristi, Ecuador. Most of them happened to be women crafting marvelllous pieces in their homes and passionately working to continue a tradition. Hundreds of years improving a savoir-faire has made the Montecristi hat a timeless accessory of matchless beauty. A little piece of our collection is a great piece of history you can crown yourself with.

    Montecristi Magic

    Although fine hats are woven in other parts of Ecuador, Montecristi in Ecuador, is the cradle of the finest straw hat weaving in the world. The most sophisticated of straw hats desired by kings, Presidents, Heads of State  and celebritites wish. The artisans work at home, each specialized in a skill critical to the making of a hat. The straw goes from house to house and village to village in this region until the piece is complete. There is a magic in the artisans of this legendary region. They work impeccably despite material limitations focused on constantly elevating their own standards of excellence in craftsmanship. 


    We craft magic. We craft pieces of superior aesthetic value and matchless beauty that never reach the stores. This is because we bring these bespoke pieces  from the hands of the last artisan in the lengthy process of hat  making directly to you.  We customize your Montecristi hat. A luxury rare in the world. The ability to craft artistic designs of your choice into your personal hat and distinguish it is an expertise we offer. What a special gift to give your heart reflected on the crown of a hat all hand-woven, or a personalized hat with your name or initials, or favorite symbol.

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