Founder & Owner

Ecuador and India in one


I brought the heritages from two different continents into one collection. Supreme craftsmanship from Montecristi and Kashmir combine magnificently together. All the pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kind and not made in massive collection. One hat will never identical to another and neither so will a pashmina even if crafted from the same artisan. We make ribbons matching your pashmina or silk shawl. I launched myself as entrepreneur while living as ex-pat in Singapore in 2012 and since then devoted myself to the hand-made virtuosos of two countries. 

From Ecuador


The selection of top artisans to craft bespoke hats was lengthy but it became very rewarding for all of us in this team.  While in Montecristi, I am hosted at home with the artisans. I am Mexican by birth and have lived in 10 countries. Married and mother of two.

From India


 Already Josephine Bonaparte had a vast a collection of Kashmiri pashminas. Like a Montecristi hat, a genuine pashmina is a symbol of style, elegance and discrete opulence. A history that you can carry on you. The Hattitude has a strong worthy cause to support talented artisans continue using their unparalleled craftsmanship to dress you with art. I do this by investing in their best products, and developing business for them, all around the world. The Kashmir goat has been known to have the finest of wools in the world. While many a wool may be called cashmere, the name cashmere derives from the wool characteristic to the goats in Kashmir.  The name pashmina is widely used on all sorts of scarves but it is in reality a wool characteristic to the Kashmiri goat, the finest of wools. Don't miss the newly added hand loom cashmere plaids  ( blankets ) to dress up your home with the most luxurious of wools. The Ministry of Textiles has endorsed my company and granted the rights to use educational & cultural material for the purpose of the awareness of the value of hand loom cashmere.