Weaves and weavers

How many knots can be hand-woven in 1 cm edge?

This is not an inch, it's 1 centimeter. Every horizontal line is a millimeter. The price driver is definitely the fineness of weave and for the sake of being realistic and pragmatic I group the weaves in four main clusters. There is no global standard of weave parameter-price ratio. Because every hat is a one-of-a-kind it should be priced individually, as an art piece. For the sake of ease I have grouped the weaves in  4 main clusters as a basis for pricing.  Other elements go into the pricing though they don't weigh as much. Such are: color harmony of the straws, softness, pattern, amount of work in terms of brim length. For sure, the finer the weave, the longer it takes to complete and the lighter it is. What you see to your right is a genius. He and another gentlemen are known to weave the finest in the world. They have the patience to spend almost a year in one hat. This is the Royal Weave. . It means that 2 people out of 7 billion world-wide can own a new Royal per year. Pay attention to the edges of a hat. A Montecristi doesn't need stiching. It never needs a machine at all.